Reference Letter

February 2, 2010

I ecstatically recommend Michael Anderson for employment within the fitness community. He worked for me teaching Pilates at High Point University’s Slane Center for just under a year, until his graduation.

During his term teaching for Group-X, the fitness program at the University, he actively worked to increase attendance of his classes through word-of-mouth and fliers. Michael also focused on building relationships with on-campus-groups, such as sororities, which led to him having one of the most popular fitness courses on campus.

To stay current, he continually researched Pilates beyond his certification. Often times he would bring pamphlets to class for his students to learn more about the history of the fitness program. This consistent effort on his part to improve his students helped to build relationships with current attendees of his class to maintain return rates.

Many times when other instructors could not teach their normal class, Michael filled in for them. This included teaching PowerPump and Yoga courses. He worked to improve the overall quality of the Group-X programs and did not ever limit himself to strictly what he was hired to do.

Again, I highly recommend Michael Anderson for work in the fitness industry because he is:

  • Committed to living a healthy lifestyle and always ready to help others do the same.
  • Prompt person who worked not only to please me, his boss, but his students.
  • Involved in the expansion of the University fitness program.
  • Recommended not only by me but by many students, peers, and colleges who attended his classes.

*Contact information regarding the writer of this letter has been removed to protect their privacy and can be obtained via Michael W. Anderson for verification.


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