Showroom Coordinator

Reference Letter

January 6, 2010

I write this letter to rally support for Michael Anderson’s employment, as well as to acknowledge that he has improved Kathy Ireland Home furniture showrooms for five years through innovative design and rational decision; which he will most certainly bring to your establishment.

In the time I have spent with Mr. Anderson he has always kept two things in mind; function and our clients. When prepping and setting up a showroom, beyond being first to arrive, he is first to point out how a layout can be improved to allow for greater visibility or to create a space that is more useful, efficient, and versatile.

Although Michael’s skill set is not in the showroom setup or furniture design fields he has shown that he easily adapts to it and other environments which he is unfamiliar with while still bringing aspects from his marketing, international, and logical expertise to add new dimensions to our showrooms.

Over the years I have given Michael more responsibility, including disseminating some responsibility to him. For the past three years he has been a part of showroom logistics and directed a small team responsible for product placement and final product preparation. Throughout this time he has been consistent in controlling quality and image of the showroom and the brand name.

I highly recommend Michael Anderson for employment based on my experience with him. He is consistent in his efforts to better our showrooms by precisely executing duties assigned to him and his team which in turn better our company. He is a versatile person who considers our clients and how we can better access them through understanding them better.

*Contact information regarding the writer of this letter has been removed to protect their privacy and can be obtained via Michael W. Anderson for verification.


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